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Why an ecological sciences course with Discover Eden?

Studying what you are passionate about is essential and getting a grounded education in your chosen field within the ecological sciences is important – but often such degrees lack a significant practical component. At Discover Eden we recognize the value of participating in meaningful short-term courses that provide legitimate experiences within the conservation arena, not only helping students realize the different career options out there, but also ensuring the theoretical knowledge gained during University courses become relevant on a practical scale.

Our natural world is paradise, an Eden. We recognise it is our responsibility to take care of this beautiful planet we call home. Without a healthy planet, mankind would be in a sorry state, making conservation one of the most important career options out there.

At Discover Eden we are passionate about introducing the wonders of our magnificent country South Africa, as well as biodiverse countries like Kenya and Ecuador, to our clients.

Our courses expose you to a range of unique habitats: from the unique Fynbos biome, one of the six plant Kingdoms in the World, to the Zululand bushveld, renowned Kruger National Park, Ecuadorian cloud forest, tropical Kenya, Tsavo east, and more –  we are fortunate to have a wide range of biodiversity to introduce budding ecologists to the natural world.


The People


Mark is a conservation biologist who is passionate about sharing his career experience with budding ecologists. With over 20 years field experience mentoring conservation students, almost 40 postgraduate students supervised, and close to 100 scientific publications under his belt, Mark is an experienced biologist and conservationist. As a practicing researcher, he is able to ensure our programs give relevant and topical experience to our clients, ensuring they get hands-on exposure to some of the best conservation work being done in the region. More about Mark’s research.


Elton has always had an absolute love for nature. He grew up in South Africa and started his career studying business and working in banking in the UK. After 5 years living abroad, he realised he missed his home country and its amazing wildlife too much. In 2012 Elton and his wife Melissa headed up the conservation efforts on a game reserve through a conservation volunteering program and started educational tours, specifically in wildlife veterinary science. Elton then started a separate ecology program, and this is where he met Dr Mark Brown and where Discover Eden was born.

With a combined 30+ years’ experience introducing the conservation landscape to students, our dedicated team is ready to make this an unforgettable experience to kickstart your conservation career.

Our experiential courses are carefully designed to provide a meaningful introduction to a wide range of conservation arenas. Discover Eden courses better equip early career graduates or undergraduate students in the ecological sciences as they plan their future career by exposing them to hands-on conservation with some of Ecuador, Kenya and South Africa’s top conservationists.

 The courses on offer are all-inclusive, and include all accommodation, food, and interactive experiences, meaning no hidden costs for your budget.  Discover Eden will accompany you from airport pick-up to drop-off, offering guidance and support throughout your experience, making it as meaningful and rewarding as possible.